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The Hashimoto's Solution

Welcome to a place for healing, where you can find answers to your struggle with Hashimoto's. Living a full life, with abundant energy, a clear mind and reaching your full potential is possible! 

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Get On the Right Path for You

Every body is different. No book, protocol, supplement list, or diet can work for all. Stop trying to put this all together on your own! ~ You are unique and we individualize our help specific to you, and no one knows you better than you know yourself! We are here to guide you and help you! We are a "team" as we help you towards healing. 

Real Expert Help

Tired of all the claims of people that have "self healed" and now they are an expert? We offer help by an actual Hashimoto's Expert. Dr Karen has been treating (hands on) Hashimoto's patients for over 20 years. She has specialized training in Endocrinology and Thyroid Health. She now only offers health coaching in a small group setting ~ she will teach YOU how to heal your own body and keep yourself healthy for the long term. 
**She does NOT offer Dr/Pt Care

There is Hope for Healing

Despite claims to the contrary, Hashimoto's CAN be healed. Not everyone can reach full remission, but most clients can reach a life filled with energy, vitality, and a joy for life again! You do not have to live overwhelming fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and hair loss forever.

It's time to get your life back! 

Are you ready for more energy? 

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you frustrated by brain fog? 

Are you struggling with digestion issues? 

Is your hair falling out? 

Are you missing out on new opportunities, family time, and fun due to symptoms? 

Has your Dr shrugged you off saying "there is nothing more you can do?" 

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, we can HELP you! Hashimotos is a complex, multi-system disease. Healing can start to happen with just a few important small steps, however! 

There ARE answers!

There is HOPE~  We CARE and We can HELP You! 

We would love to be your life line and help you, even if you feel you have 'tried everything' and 'there is no hope for me'. 

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"I just want to give a big shout out to Karen Cross!! If you’re struggling with health issues and need caring, very knowledgable advice and guidance, she is great!! She goes above and beyond!! I’m so thankful for all her support and help! I was slightly skeptical at first, not knowing much about her, but I trusted in the process & not only has she been worth it, but she’s exceeded my expectations! Thank you, Karen!" ~ Christine L 

Don't let another day go by feeling miserable, exhausted, overwhelmed with conflicting information ~ It's time to Get Your Life Back!


*DISCLAIMER: All testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of my clients and patients, and not those of Dr. Karen or her staff. does not compensate in any way for testimonials or reviews. Those opinions and experiences may not be representative of what every consumer may personally experience. 


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