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We are very glad that you are here. Dr. Karen is a leading expert in her field on topics such as Hashimoto’s, Adrenal Fatigue, and other Endocrine disorders.

Dr. Karen has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years and a Naturopath for the last 6 years. She originally trained in Endocrinology and worked for 5 years under the top Endocrinologist’s in the Seattle area. After that she moved into family practice, treating people of all ages for a wide variety of health conditions. Becoming disillusioned with traditional medicine, prescribing drugs for symptoms and being held to the 10 minute only appointments, she stepped out of this type of medicine and went back to school to get her Doctorate in Naturopathy.

Dr. Karen opened her own private practice as an FNP and Naturopath in Boise, Idaho and it has grown to one of the most popular offices in the area. She has recently sold this practice in order to focus on health coaching, this allows her to reach a larger audience, as well  allows for more time with her family and 3 sweet kids.

Her specialty and passion is helping Hashimoto’s patient’s overcome this disease and heal once and for all.  Dr. Karen is very well loved by her patients and clients as she has a compassion for people that are sick and tired and need answers!  She has a unique ability to teach in a way that is simple to understand and enjoyable.

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